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Energy Efficiency

As accredited EcoSmart  electricians, we can help reduce your energy bill.  The type of lighting used plays a significant role in the amount of power consumed in the home and office.  With advances in LED technology now giving better light levels than power hungry halogen lights, and at a fraction of their power usage, LED lights are an excellent option. However, there are other factors to look at besides lighting.

This is an area to consider.  Many

appliances are rated at 220v, however

the measured voltage from energy

suppliers can be over 250v.

This “over-voltage” places added strain on your appliance, more heat, more wear, more cost. By reducing the voltage with a simple stand alone voltage optimisation device, your power usage will reduce and the life of appliances greatly improved. This is a reliable energy saving investment that will provide a permanent solution with real savings on electricity bills.  We have the experience to review your situation and recommend the best solution for you personally, whether for the home, office or factory.  You will be surprised by how much your power usage can be reduced.

Why choose an EcoSmart


An EcoSmart Electrician is a licensed Electrical Contractor that is also trained, certified and accredited in energy efficiency. All EcoSmart Electricians have been professionally trained in energy efficient products, technologies and installations so that they are fully qualified to assist you in reducing your energy usage, saving you money and play your small role in helping our environment    

Voltage Optimisaton

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